Women in science

We all know the discrepancies between men and women in scienpersonal developmentce; although there is equality in gender at the start of an academic career, few women manage to reach the top. Women operate differently from men, and can still be successful. Of course not every female wants to reach the top, but still often women struggle with the more ‘male-oriented’ culture in science. We can only be happy if we are true to ourselves and trying to work like a man, often fails to lead to full success. On the other hand, we often encounter highly successful women who still have severe doubts on their capacities and feel like an impostor.

That is why we developed this training, especially for women in science. During this training, we will discuss the difference between working styles of men and women, bearing generalisations in mind. You can learn from how men manage to get positions, and adopt it to your own style. You will know how you can reach your full potential, while still keeping your feminine side. We will talk with your inner critic and help you to see and feel the power you have inside. We will work out the importance and balance of private versus work life. You will leave with a professional strategy, based on your personal choices and become a graceful leader.

Feel free to contact us for more information on his training.

Target group

Female postdocs, assistant, associate  and full professors

Quotes from evaluations

“I learned about myself and others, I feel more confident and motivated”

“I got insight into myself, the thoughts and emotions that guides my behavior; my passions and strengths. I am inspired on how to be a better version of myself”

“through challenging myself I’ve gained self enlightenment and a clear vision for my future”