Leading through conflict

conflictConflicts arise in every organisation. When you start leading a group, you find that you have to be able to manage conflicts often. Though conflicts are necessary and can lead to a new better situation, managing conflicts isn’t easy and can lead to a lot of stress. Conflicts can get worse or go out of hand when they aren’t dealt with professionally. We can help you to learn how to deal with conflicts effectively. Amongst other theories, we use the OBREAU Tripod, originally developed and taught to us by Don Dunoon, an independent leadership and organizational development specialist. This framework is extremely helpful to deal with complicated issues associated with strongly felt emotions, threat, and defensive behaviours. Using the framework builds shared understanding about what is going on. You will work with all stakeholders to solve the problem.

Do you feel you have difficulties in creating meaningful change? Do you encounter uncooperative behaviour in your group? We will teach you how to use different tools, so you will be capable of leading through conflict and move forward.

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