Academic Leadership

academic leadershipYou are an excellent scientist and your career goes smoothly. You managed to get a big research grant and suddenly you find yourself leading a group of people. You are less busy with doing science while spending more and more time managing your team and dealing with leadership issues. You know how to be an excellent scientist, but how to become a great leader at the same time?

During this programme you will become familiar with different types of leadership and discover what style fits you best. As a leader you have to know yourself and be open for feedback from others in order to grow and help others grow as well. You will create your vision and learn how to communicate it.  Being authentic helps you to inspire others and create and influence followers. You will experience the importance of reflection and paying attention to body and mind.

During this training we use different tests, role-plays and sometimes even a 360° evaluation (evaluation of your leadership capacities by your subordanites, colleagues and your boss) combined with leadership theory and practice.

In an article in the Financieel Dagblad you can read about an example of an integrated programme of several days in which we participate. If you have a specific leadership challenge we are happy to help you with personal coaching.

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Target group

Assistant, associate and full professors

Quotes from evaluations

“Confronting and really helpful”

“I feel more self-confident and feel the strength in myself”

“I learned a lot about what a leader is. I never focused on that question before. There are so many ways to be a good leader. I manage to define my own way and understand the other ways thanks to the numerous examples.”