Successful Grant Writing

grant writingWe see grant proposals as a quotation. It has to give a solution to an existing problem in society/science. It is therefore necessary to focus the proposal on the essence and on the quality of the deliverables at the end of the project. Saying more while saying (writing) less is crucial for successful grant applications.

During this training you will learn to write a structured, concise and clear text conveying your enthusiasm and scientific quality. You will do this through several writing exercises which you complete individually or in small groups. Sometimes you will be put at the receiver’s end in order to realize how people evaluate grants. We can adapt this training to a specific grant like ERC, VENI/VIDI/VICI or Rubicon.

We will discuss the following topics during the training: how to describe the essence in a few phrases (1), “selling” a grant proposal (2), how to structure a text for a grant proposal (3), how to write in a reader-friendly way (4) , how to fulfill the criteria of the reviewers (5). We will provide many practical tips and you will receive personal comments on your own writing from the trainer. You will receive a reader with extensive information on writing skills, structuring and criteria used by referees.

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Target group

Last year PhD students, postdocs, assistant and associate professors

Quotes from evaluations

“ Very informative and fun, a really great workshop!”

“I learned a lot from the personal feedback from the trainer and peers”

“I really appreciated the time spent by the trainer on correcting my own writing.”

“The workshop helped me think clearly about the proposal in a more structured manner”

“Very good exercise in saying more with less words.”