Profitable Conferencing

  • conferenceHow do I get the most out of a conference visit?
  • How can I get to talk to the right people?
  • How can I get full attention for my research?
  • How do I chair a session?

During this training you will learn how to make the money and time you invest in visiting a conference worthwhile. For a successful visit it is crucial to (1) take advantage of all networking moments, (2) show yourself with an attractive poster and/or have an interactive presentation, (3) ask useful questions (4) be a timely chairman, (5) make a practical report. Visiting a conference is more fun when you take advantage of all opportunities it gives you.

The training contains all elements that you come across when visiting a conference. The programme is highly interactive and you will learn a lot by practicing and working in small groups. You will receive a reader with extensive background information. This includes information on how to make attractive posters, a manual for the preparation of an effective presentation, a format for making a conference report and the “do’s” and “don’ts” of networking and chairmanship.

When you have a specific goal and strategy for a conference in mind, you will have more energy and ideas at your return! Read about this training in the press.

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Target group

PhD students, postdocs, assistant professors

Quotes from evaluations

“It’s so nice she is a scientist herself”

“I would come again if she would be teaching!”