Postdoc programme

postdoc 2Postdocs have often an important role in scientific research. They already have quite some experience and are able to train and supervise PhD and Master students. They are an indispensable chain in the scientific hierarchy as more senior researchers profit by picking their minds and share new ideas in order to come with innovative solutions. Still many postdocs feel lost in the middle between senior researcher and PhD students, or they don’t know how to shape their (scientific) career. Therefore we developed a programme, especially designed for postdocs to help them taking charge of their career. The programme consists of 3 different modules that can be followed within 1 year.

  • Module 1: Project management, innovation and vision
  • Module 2: Communication and cooperation
  • Module 3: Personal development and creating your future (including 360° feedback)

At the end of the programme the postdoc knows how to deal with the challenges every postdoc encounters. They will leave the programme with more self confidence and can position themselves as a highly skilled independent researcher. They will have started to take ownership of their project and career. Of course, stimulating the personal development of postdocs, will also benefit the organisation they are working in.

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Quotes from evaluations


“Made me reflect on the importance of following my inspiration”


“I highly recommend this course because it is inspiring and will encourage you to work on your weak points”


“Great, clear, down to earth”


“Extremely good to improve your communication skills”


“I got my priorities and goals clear”


“I would urge every postdoc to follow this course, I found it very useful”


“A very helpful and practical course that provides you with many tools and soft skills to achieve better communication and strategic thinking”