PhD programme

phdFrom PhD student to professional

Finishing a PhD on time, with a thesis of high quality is a major challenge that requires other competencies than just scientific and technical skills. Knowing what to do in times of conflict, applying project management and time management skills, being able to cope with supervisors, are all examples of valuable skills that PhD-students need to learn. Another reason to acquire soft skills is that they are transferable and highly appreciated outside academia. Since most PhD students will pursue a career outside academia, it is wise to be prepared for this.

We help PhD students through their project and make them prepared for the next step, we have developed an integral programme consisting of 4 modules of two days each. Ideally a PhD student starts with the first module in their first year and continue throughout their PhD with one module per year. Of course each module can be followed independently.

  • Module 1: Personal effectiveness: time management and project management
  • Module 2: Communication in science
  • Module 3: Personal leadership
  • Module 4: A PhD, what next?

If you want to receive a detailed description of the module, please contact us here.

The programme has the following benefits:

For the PhD-student:

  • becoming more efficient and effective.
  • finish your PhD in time.
  • establishing a fruitful and smooth relationship with your supervisors.
  • learning valuable skills for the professional life (either within or outside academia).
  • being prepared for ‘the life after’ your PhD, either inside or outside academia.

For the supervisor:

  • PhD students become more autonomous
  • PhD students stay on track
  • preventing conflict in the PhD-students’ project team.
  • a just and trustful relationship with your PhD-students.