Personal Leadership

personal leadershipThese days, knowledge, position or power are not enough to become an inspiring leader. Leadership starts with knowing yourself, so you can make optimal use of your own personality when leading people. Every person has the potential to develop personal leadership and find out how you want to lead.

During this training will will help you define your personal leadership style. You will find out what your motives are to lead, what leadership is for. You will learn how to establish real contact with the ones you lead, so that they are willing to follow you. In a safe environment, we will guide you across some hurdles you may need to take. Taking time for reflection is of extreme importance for every leader. One important question for example is how you deal with power.  We will share several tools on how to reflect on your behaviour and find inner peace. You will discover your own potential to lead and inspire followers.

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Target group

Senior postdocs, assistant, associate and full professors

Quotes from evaluations

“I learned that one doesn’t have to change personality in order to lead”

“I got to know myself, why I behave the way I do in certain situations, my strengths and thinking as a leader”

“I accept my leadership style and see it as a style as valuable and more valuable than the dominating ones”

“I found my vision as well as purpose”