Leading a scientific team

leading a teamAs a scientist you hardly work alone, even if you would like to sometimes. You are part of the department you are working, maybe of a team of international collaborators or you have your own team of students and post-docs. It can be a challenge to create the feeling that you are all successfully working towards the same goal. Sometimes people work on quite different topics, even though they are part of the same team. How do you get that real team spirit? What is your role as a team member or a team leader?

During this training we will mix role-plays with theory and personal tests to understand the different roles team members can have. We will discuss which roles are crucial for a successful team, which communication styles we commonly use and how you can work together and grow as a team.

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Target group

Assistant, Associate and full professors

Quotes from evaluations

“Leadership is a complex issue. The things that I will always remember are: Be yourself! Keep it simple! Share and collaborate! ”

“All the sessions were just perfect, showed me a lot of possibilities, gave the tools to deal with my problems. ”