Leading collaborations

collaborationCollaborating with other people is crucial to innovation and success. Our experience is that many people start a collaboration full of enthousiasm and end it with a lot of disappointment.

So how do you create successful collaborations? How do you make sure that the best people ask you to collaborate with them? And how do you deal with a collaboration that was fantastic at the start but became sloppy after a year or so? What do you do if management fails, everyone claims ownership and credit seems unfairly distributed?

In this training you will practice with your own examples and learn while doing. During the first part you will get tools to make yourself visible to the people that matter. In the second part we will explain how to handle complex issues in a collaboration. You will learn to use the OBREAU Tripod to help you lead difficult conversations. At the last part you can practice your learnings with a skilled trainings actor. After this training you will know how to promote your added value and how to lead a collaboration in a professional way.

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Target group

Senior postdocs, assistant and associate professors

Quotes from evaluations

“An excellent training to evaluate your collaborations and avoid pitfalls.”

“Before starting a new collaboration, attend this training!”

“This training helps you to deal with interations in your collaborations and you can use it in your daily life as well”