Honest Networking

networkingToday it is almost impossible to do research just by yourself. You need to collaborate with other people and therefore you need to network to find those people. We noticed that many scientists have a unfavourable opinion of networking or lack skills to do it. They ask questions like

  • How do I approach this busy professor?
  • How can I talk to strangers?
  • How can I find out if people share my interests?
  • How can I find people to collaborate with?
  • How can I contact people without giving the idea that I am just opportunistic?

We offer a  training where you will learn how to be prepared for small talk. You learn to listen rather than talk. When you take advantage of your network, people will want to give you what you need.

The training is a line up of different exercises to practice your networking skills mixed with theory explained by examples. We will give you small and simple tips to make networking easy and fun to do. Make sure you are in the mood to connect with people, since networking can only be effective if you are really willing and interested to meet new people. Who knows, you may end up having a lot of fun while networking!

Feel free to contact us about this training.

Target group

PhD students, postdocs, assistant professors

Quotes from evaluations

“She understands how the scientific world works, that is a great help!”

“I learned even more than I expected.”