Powerful Presenting

presentingPresenting is a core activity for every scientists. You have to speak at scientific conferences, for funding agencies, for companies, at schools, you name it. You have to have your story ready. Most scientists have learned to use the following structure for a presentation:

  • Introduction

  • Methods

  • Results

  • Discussions

  • Conclusion.

But hey, a presentation is not a scientific paper! So why would one copy the same order? Even for papers everyone agrees that they are written nor read in the order that they are printed. Ask yourself, what is the first thing your read from a paper, the first thing you are interested in…

The result of using this order is that most people rate the average quality of scientific presentations as low.

We see a presentation as an act of leadership and renew the way scientist present by using the leadership model for presentations. This model is based on the desire to inspire, motivate and convince your audience. Relation comes before information; you need to come in touch with your audience from the start. This model helps you to do this according to your own style. A new way of presenting will make it more fun for you and your audience, and you will make sure they remember what you have said!

Do you want to know more and learn how be an inspiring speaker and give powerful presentations? Do you have to present for a funding agency in order to get an important grant? Or do you want your students or colleagues to become better presenters? Then contact us for a tailor made training programme.

Target group

Students, PhD students, postdocs, assistant, associate and full professors

 Quotes from evaluations

“Extremely useful, should be available for all people working in academia!”

“Very inspiring, I can use the tools I learned the rest of my life.”

“Made me feel much more confident and I now enjoy presenting.”

“This is so much more than any other workshop on presenting as you learn how to present using your own personal style.”

“Louise is obviously a skilled listener as she came up with many insightful comments on very diverse presentations. I would recommend this workshop without reservation.”

“A must for every PhD student!”