Boosting self confidence

self confidenceThough not always directly noticeable, many scientist struggle with a lack of self confidence. Especially in challenging situations like promoting your project in front of a highly qualified jury. Despite visible successes, some scientist find it still hard to truly believe in their own capacities. Some even feel deep down that they are an impostor, that someday people will see through them. Of course these feelings are unreasonable, in view of their obvious success in science. So how do you strengthen yourself? How do you trust your own feelings and capacities? How do you boost your self confidence?

This training is a mix of very simple exercises which you can easily apply in your daily life and a more thorough investigation of your underlying assumptions. The combination of many laughs and sometimes a tear makes this training a memorable experience. While sharing feelings with others you will notice that you are not the only one who has doubts. This will help you gain comfort and face your next challenge head up and full of power.

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Target group

PhD students, postdocs, assistant and associate professors

Quotes from evaluations

“Self confidence was my favourite session as we felt really relaxed and strong after it.”

“I feel more self-confident and feel the strength in myself”

“I gained more self-confidence and reflection about who I am”

“I got confidence in myself and in the others, go beyond first impressions”

“It was great. Thank you! It is really helpful to got deeper, to get tools, to realize who you are, what you have done, to get confidence”,