Attractive Poster Design

poster designMaking a poster can be a challenge. Most scientists just use the same elements they put in a scientific paper. They want to fit in all the details to show that their work is of high quality. But what is the purpose of presenting a poster? Besides presenting your results, making people interested in your work and talk to them is the most important purpose! People decide in 6 seconds whether to stop or not at a poster. Therefore, your poster needs to be attractive. You want people to think, “hey this is interesting, I want to know more”.

Bring your own poster to the training to learn the basic elements of style and the language of images. What makes a poster attractive and convincing? How important is the composition of a poster? What form should it have? What do I do when I present a poster? These are questions we will work on. We will use your own posters and examples of other posters made by scientists. At the end you will have the opportunity to redesign your own poster to apply what you have learned.

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Target group

PhD students, postdocs and assistant professors

Quotes from evaluations

“I’m impressed by her ability to “think along” with us”