A happy work/life balance

work life balanceBeing a scientist can be very demanding. You may feel a lot of pressure from you peers to work way more then 40 hours per week, the deadlines keep on coming and all the travels may take their toll. You find yourself spending more and more time with work. And this may cost you private life dearly. Maybe your spouse complains daily or you hardly see your children. In the end the balance between work and private life is lost and you feel unhappy about it. At the same time you may loose the passion you once had for your work.

This training helps you to regain your balance. A better organisation of your time and spending it wisely will help you to work more efficiently while still creating a large output. We will give insight in your convictions that drive you to cross the line and go out of balance. You will be aware what drains your energy and where you gain energy. You will learn to spend your time on the things that really matter to you, and delegate tasks that are not yours. You will know how to focus on the things that actually fall under your responsibility. You will feel re-energized and once more happy and passionate in your work as well as your private life.

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Target group

PhD students, postdocs, assistant, associate and full professors

Quotes from evaluations


“I gained practical tools for me to take on in the rest of my journey, to let go of fears and tension in my life and to share those with others”

“I learned to be ‘gentle’ with myself”

“I plan my work more effectively”

“I became aware that I am still learning and it is okay to make mistakes”

“I learned it is okay to say no”