“Extremely useful, should be available for all people working in academia!”,

“Very inspiring, I can use the tools I learned the rest of my life”,

“Excellent facilitator”,

“Good feedback and confronting, which made me learn a lot”,

“Very motivating, enjoyable and useful”,

“I learned even more than I expected”,

“She understands how the scientific world works, that is a great help!”,

“Flexible and made us keep focus”,

“Louise’s coaching is refreshingly confronting”,



“really inspiring and helpful”,

“The sessions really brought me some new perspective”,

“It was great. Thank you! It is really helpful to got deeper, to get tools, to realize who you are, what you have done, to get confidence”,

“Helped me to make a very difficult decision. I got to know myself better”,

“Great! So professional and comforting at the same time”

“Very informative and fun, a really great workshop!”,

” It’s so nice she is a scientist herself”,

“Confronting and really helpful”,

“I feel more self-confident and feel the strength in myself”,

“I learned a lot about what a leader is. I never focused on that question before. There are so many ways to be a good leader. I manage to define my own way and understand the other ways thanks to the numerous examples.”,

“Leadership is a complex issue. The things that I will always remember are: Be yourself! Keep it simple! Share and collaborate! ”,

“All the sessions were just perfect, showed me a lot of possibilities, gave the tools to deal with my problems ”,

“Self confidence was my favourite session as we felt really relaxed and strong after it”,

“I learned a lot from the personal feedback from the trainer and peers”,

“Made me feel much more confident and I now enjoy presenting”,

“This is so much more than any other workshop on presenting as you learn how to present using your own personal style”,

“A must for every PhD student!”,

“Louise is obviously a skilled listener as she came up with many insightful comments on very diverse presentations. I would recommend this workshop without reservation.”,

“In science you have to know how to sell yourself and your ideas.”,

“I’m impressed by her ability to “think along” with us”,

“I really appreciated the time spent by the trainer on correcting my own writing”,

“I would come again if she would be teaching!”,

“The workshop helped me think clearly about the proposal in a more structured manner”,

“Very good exercise in saying more with less words”,

“Good complete story with clear keypoints to use for your own grant”,