For corporate scientists

When you work as scientist in a company, you also have to communicate with people from marketing, sales or the management team. These people are in general less interested or passionate about your work then you are. So how do you inspire them when they seem to talk a different language? How do you make them see that your project is worthwhile to invest in?

We can help you by providing specific trainings for scientists who work in a corporate environment. Listening and presenting skills are even more important when working in a company and we can work with you to use these skills in an optimal way. We also provide training on how to lead a team of experts, who can have strong opinions and may seem difficult to steer.

We often see that high potentials working in a company can become overloaded with work, ask themselves whether they are at the right place or get frustrated in collaborations. Together with our partner Elsa Regan, we provide a 3-day retreat where you can regain your energy, become aware of your needs, qualities and desires and reconnect your body and mind. You will return to work full of inspiration and know how to get the best out of yourself in a balanced manner.

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