“Improving science by helping scientists to become better leaders”
  • What if you were the leader attracting excellent young people to join you?
  • Do you want to feel happy, balanced and satisfied in your job again?
  • Do you wonder how to effectively lead and motivate people?
  • What if you would feel self confident, autonomous and strong?
  • Do you want to stay on track and keep your passion for science alive?

Mennen Training & Consultancy can help you make these things happen. We are specialized in training and coaching in the field of leadership communication and self development for people with a scientific background.

We help scientist to become better leaders by improving their communication and leadership skills. In science you need to know how to lead, motivate and inspire others. Leading others starts with knowing yourself!

Have a look at this website for a wide variety of trainings and personal coaching that we can adapt to your need. Feel free to contact us for a tailor made offer.